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nothing was mailed, delivered to the senator? >> reporter: they're tight- lipped about it. the only thing we know that has left the property are some chemicals, some volatile chemicals they took away. but they didn't feel comfortable removing the devices so they will put it in a metal ball that you normally see that bomb crews have, stuff it inside there and blow it up. >> but the suspect never sent anything, they are not saying anything like that has happened? >> reporter: not that we know every and not that they have said. >> perfect. thank you. we have developing news out of san jose where police right now are at the scene of a deadly stabbing near san jose high school. it was about 3:00 this afternoon when a teenager was found stabbed to death on north 21st street and east julian. it's unclear whether the victim was a student at the high school. >> currently we don't have any motive or suspects in custody. our homicide investigators are on scene canvassing to locate
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witnesses and suspects. >> the stabbing may have been gang-related. it's the city's fifth homicide of the year. new at 6:00 an east bay city is seeing a dramatic drop in violent crime. and police say one of the reasons is because of crime cameras. kpix 5 reporter ann notarangelo on how retired cops are helping to keep an eye on things. >> i think he just committed the robbery. >> reporter: richmond police caught a young robbery suspect and his accomplices using this video and a detective apprehended suspects who beat a man at this intersection. >> i was able to identify some of the suspects from the video that was captured. >> reporter: the cameras used in both cases are part of richmond police department's closed circuit television system. there are 47 strategically placed cameras in crime hot spots across the city. they have recorded homicides in progress drug deals and stolen cars. >> they are actually mon todd by a group of retired officers that work out of our cctv room
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back at the police department. >> i think something of interest i can move into it. >> reporter: bill lewis is one of the retired now reinstated officers. >> i think it's great. you can be in one place and you can actually be everywhere at the same time. >> reporter: it's become an invaluable tool for officers on the street. >> i can get there before them. i can tell them what they're getting into. >> they can tell us descriptions of suspects, if there's an incident going on, vehicle descriptions, license plates. >> reporter: one of the hot spots for illegal dumping is right here at the end of alamo avenue. but they have been able to catch a number of people by using that camera right there. they even catch repeat offenders. gene said it's made a difference in his neighborhood. >> there's not so much dumping and not so many stolen cars, parked cars. >> reporter: james williams was skeptical about big brother. >> takes a while to get used to. but then you feel comfortable. >> reporter: the police chief acknowledges not everyone likes it. >> the goal is not to create
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some sort of orwellian big brother situation but, rather, to, you know, be looking at public places that have been hot spots for crime or people have felt unsafe and to give them an added measure of safety and security. >> reporter: violent crime in richmond is down. this is one of the tools. some might argue it's better to be watched than to watch your city spiral into despair. in richmond, ann notarangelo, kpix 5. new tonight american airlines and u.s. airways have final lized the terms of a proposed merger. this comes after months of negotiations between those two airlines. now, the deal still needs to be approved by american's bankruptcy judge and antitrust regulators since american has been under bankruptcy protection since 2011. if it does go through, american and u.s. air would become the biggest u.s. airline. this labor day happy commuters bridge gawkers and history makers will have a once-
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in-a-lifetime chance to walk from oakland to san francisco across the new span of the bay bridge. it's part of a proposed grand opening celebration for the new eastern span. and kpix 5 reporter christin ayers is on treasure island with a look at the cost of throwing such a party. >> reporter: it's definitely going to cost, liz. if you thought a $6 rush hour toll was bad, try a $37 toll. we did the math and that's about how much it will cost to pay for a walk across the bridge for 150,000 people come labor day. imagine it, labor day 2013, 150,000 people crossing the eastern span of the bay bridge on foot as part of a massive free celebration. >> motion passes. >> reporter: only catch, it would only won't be free. the bay area toll authority pushed a proposal today that would pay hartman studios to put on a $5.6 million party to market opening of the bridge.
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>> i for one feel like it's money well spent. >> reporter: money that comes entirely out of the pockets of toll paying commuters. if 150,000 people walk, it breaks down to $37 a person. it's unclear how much of the money will come from private funding. >> what hope do we have to offset some of these public sector costs with sponsorship revenue or any other kind of revenue? >> we are not here to tell you that we would likely be able to raise enough private money to offset all these public costs. >> reporter: yet the plan is moving forward. fireworks, a half marathon, buses, porta-potties and other infrastructures needed to prevent the kind of shoulder-to- shoulder human gridlock seen at the golden gate bridge's 50th anniversary celebration. >> people will really enjoy it and it will be something they will look back on in the future and past years and say that was a great event that we had and it was a wonderful public work that came to completion. >> i think the commission spoke clearly. they gave us some directions.
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they voted and supported it. >> reporter: nothing is final yet. but the full board will take a look at this contract and make a decision about this $5 million contract on february 27. >> thank you, christin ayers. and the countdown to the new bay bridge is on. kpix 5 is proud to be the official television station for the opening ceremonies in september. we'll keep you posted on planning for the big day. controversy outside facebook's ceo home on the peninsula. kpix 5 reporter ken bastida live in mobile5 in palo alto with details. >> reporter: normally a quiet part of palo alto but not tonight. there are 50 protestors outside mark zuckerberg's home right now. he is hosting a big fundraiser for new jersey governor chris christie. give you a shot of this guy's place from chopper 5. it's a sprawling -- well, what you would expect a billionaire to live in, in palo alto.
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his neighbors have come out as the chanting has picked up here in the last few minutes to see what's cooking. also in the last few minutes, the governor rolled in through the gate right here along with condoleezza rice and a number of other gop notables. this is a fundraiser so what is zuckerberg and chris christie have in common? welsh the ceo from facebook actually donated about $100 million to new jersey schools back in 2010 and christie is out here in california raising money for his campaign in 2014. he has been to beverly hills. he was in la jolla down in san diego and now here in the bay area at zuckerberg's house for this fundraiser. we are told that campaign limits put it at $3,800 per person. we don't know how much they will be raising for the governor, who has become a little bit controversial in some circles. the protestors here most notably the group credo is out here. becky bond says 58% of facebook
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users are female and she wonders if they really understand what governor christie is all about. >> i'm one of the 58% of facebook users that are woman and i made zillions off people like me that spend a lot of time maybe too much time on his social network and to find out he is using those billions to fund the republican war on women and raise money for it? i'm shocked and outraged! that's why i'm here today to let people know that mark zuckerberg is joining the republican war on women. we want him to change his mind and unfund chris christie. >> reporter: she calls it the war on women. christie has closed a number of planned parenthood clinics. that's his policy. a spokesman for facebook said this is not about politics tonight. this is about education that zuckerberg supports the education effort that the governor has going in new jersey. it's hard to separate the fact that this is an all gop event
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tonight and they are raising money for the governor of new jersey who is a republican. take that for what you will. live in palo alto, i'm ken bastida, kpix 5. barry bonds is swinging with the fences once more only this time he is hoping he can get his felony kicks for obstruction of justice called foul. kpix 5 reporter mike sugerman says this could be less about the law and more about legacy. >> reporter: this is barry bonds' team leaving court today. notice who isn't among them, barry bonds. >> he wanted to be here but he -- he was willing to accept the advice that under these circumstances, with all due respect to everybody, that his being here could have created a distraction. >> those asterisks are then incorporated into the obstruction of justice couldn't. >> reporter: that had nothing to do with the final number of
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home runs he hit although some argue all records during the steroids era should be marked as such. ten years ago he gave what some thought were evasive answers to specific questions convicted of obstruction of justice because of that the only charge the government one. the attorneys say it's a bad conviction. >> he was not charged with what he was convicted of and what he is convicted of is not a crime. >> reporter: bonds' testimony may have been rambling but he eventually gave definitive answers and did not try to obstruct justice which was the least of the charges against him. >> most people would say i'm going to take that and grab it. >> reporter: golden gate university law professor says the penalty two years' probation and 30 days house arrest isn't such a big deal begin the years in jail bonds might have had. but bonds continues his appeal some believe for another reason it main thing that he is looking for is towards his history. he is looking to somehow rehabilitate himself so that he can be looked at and get into
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the hall of fame at some point. that's his ultimate goal. >> reporter: three judges hearing the appeal did not rule today and gave no indication of when they would. if baseball loyalties have anything to do with it bonds could be in trouble, all three judges from phoenix home of the arizona diamondbacks. >> thank you. i do 5045 honking the horns high beaming me. >> coming up off the bay area shortcut, so dangerous the county is reaching out for help now. plus -- >> this is ridiculous. seems like we're not -- it doesn't seem appropriate for marin. >> how the city is preparing for a chemical or nuclear attack and causing a stir in the process. >> yes, we have had the sunshine but it's been cold so far this month. check out the temperatures in the south bay five degrees below average this february in san jose. boy, is that going to change. we keep the sunshine but wait until you see how warm we're
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going to get as we head into a holiday weekend. details on the temperatures coming up.
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shortcut... with a long list of problems. right now, drivers are dishing the dirt on a popular east bay shortcut with a long list of problems. there's a big accident along coral canyon road in alameda county about every other week. kpix 5 reporter da lin tells us it's so bad officials are reaching out for help. >> reporter: this peaceful scenic route has an ugly violent side. >> it's pretty dangerous. >> reporter: alameda county authorities say crow canyon road reported 93 accidents in four years two fatal. >> bad, very bad. they speed too much. >> reporter: transportation officials want to improve a six-
6:15 pm
mile stretch of this county road that is being used by some as a freeway. >> i do 50, 45 and they are honking the horns, high beaming me. >> honked at or those tailgates are close to you. >> reporter: authorities say 30% of the accidents on crow canyon are speed related. the fact that it's one of the busiest roads in alameda county doesn't help. as many as 20,000 cars use it daily. neighbors complain a lot of people use crow canyon road as a shortcut between interstates 580 and 680. >> you get these people especially young people, they just want to push you off the road. >> reporter: county officials want help to cut down on accidents. >> work our study that we come up with potential improvements that have a large amount of community backing. >> reporter: some suggestions so far? better lighting, wider shoulders, and perhaps more traffic lights. alameda county will have three meetings in the coming months
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to gather input from neighbors. the first one is tonight. 6:00 right here at canyon middle school. in castro valley, i'm da lin, kpix 5. marin county is pardonly the place you would think of being attacked by weapons of mass destruction but the county just purchased an armored truck that would withstand such an attack. kpix 5 reporter phil matier talked to some who are questioning whether the money spent on that expensive vehicle is worth it. phil? >> reporter: well, that's right. it is a big ticket item not only for marin but for the surrounding counties, as well. but it is in there for some pretty heavy lifting. here's the story. most people picture it as an art community with well heeled residents enjoying a cafe lifestyle. to buy an urban assault vehicle similar to this one for
6:17 pm
hundreds of thousands of dollars for the sheriff's departments newly created weapons of mass destruction unit definitely has people talking. >> i mean it seems ridiculous. seems like marin -- it doesn't seem appropriate for marin. >> i'm not sure we need an assault vehicle but i don't really know. >> reporter: the marin county supervisor has certainly gotten an earful over the deal. >> there's two levels of reaction. the high school kids can't wait to ride in it. i think the general public wonders if it's the best use of funds. >> reporter: money for the new rambo van comes from a federal homeland security grant and the van used by a four county weapons of mass destruction unit that will be able to respond to emergencies including chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosive agents. >> so there are possibly enormous weapons of mass destruction, biological, chemical or nuclear here in marin. no. i think the biggest thing we
6:18 pm
have is protests over dog walkers. but as far as being prepared and part of a mutual aid response, this is what we're doing so it gives them another tool or, you know, from your perspective perhaps another toy that they would have to be able to become familiar with. but again, in times of trouble, you want these folks to know how to use what they have. >> reporter: it just doesn't seem to go with marin's image. >> it certainly doesn't. we are a bucolic community, peace loving crowd. on the other hand, we're also a crowd that's been known for our planning skills and we're planning ahead with this. >> reporter: that's something folks are thinking about even in marin. >> it sounds like a waste of money, doesn't it? and yet look at yesterday going on in san bernardino county. >> it could happen here. newtown, connecticut is a quiet little town. >> reporter: sort of drives home the point. there was a time a few years back the expression used to be only in marin. now after what we're seeing
6:19 pm
around the country, it's even in marin. you have to take into account things like this and be prepared. >> phil, as a marin-ite, i'm thinking really in marin? that should be the statement. really? >> reporter: i think you nailed it. live in marin, phil matier, back to you. >> thank you. switching gears this evening, love is in the air the day before valentine's day and so is the weather. the weather is heating up. >> go to any hallmark store and see these panic men looking for the last card. there's no cards for wives left! should have gotten it easier. things will be heating up tomorrow, talking about the temperature. san jose mainly clear skies. you had a chilly day in san jose the past several but today mid-60s. you joined concord and livermore, 66. morgan hill hit 68 today. san rafael 62 but look at the city. san francisco a foggy start. 58. and you barely shook the fog in the afternoon at half moon bay. 54 degrees. radar got to check it, kpix 5 hi-def def dry once again but
6:20 pm
changes will be coming next week. let's talk about the next several days and this warmup. high pressure still in control but it's on the move. it is moving closer to us. as that happens, the winds are turning from northwest to northeast. it will be about 4 degrees milder tomorrow one or two degrees milder on friday were means many of -- which means many of you will hit the low 70s especially in the south bay friday and saturday. high pressure gets pushed to the south and the pattern begins to change. sunday and president's day not as warm outside because of the onshore flow the winds from the ocean. next tuesday cooler and cloudy weather with the first chance of showers in a week and a half. we are mild through saturday. some will hit 70. some isolated low 70s over the next few days am cooler wetter weather next week. tomorrow 69 in san jose five degrees above savage. fremont 69. napa 69. we are still dry through president's day but next week look at that.
6:21 pm
mid-50s for highs. >> oh, wait. >> and a decent chance of showers. it's been so long since we have seen it, it's shocking to see it on the extended forecast but we have some rain next week. >> got my attention. >> beautiful day tomorrow for valentine's day. >> appreciate that. the weather is clear so over the next five days, why are so many people heading indoors? the answer with mobile weather as the news continues on kpix 5.
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but k-p-i-x 5's roberta gonzales tells us... thousands of people chose to a paul was saying a gorgeous day in san jose. but kpix 5 reporter roberta gonzales tells us that thousands of people chose to spend the day inside. roberta. >> reporter: elizabeth and allen, i have been out here on the corner of santa clara and autumn street all day long and the high temperature here
6:24 pm
according to our weather master is in the 60s. now in the 50s. winds under 5 miles per hour. barometric pressure still high with the dry conditions at 30.15. we are outside hp pavilion. this is home of the s.a.p. tennis open where the best of the best tennis players compete every year. i met one a couple of californians, stanford graduates, the bryant brothers, here's what they had to say. >> jets awesome! we went to stanford so we have a lot -- it's awesome! we went it stanford so we have friends and family here. they are a knowledgeable tennis crowd, great history here. my brother said, this tournament has been around forever. it's the last year of the event so the last chance to see menendez professional tennis here -- to see men's professional tennis here in
6:25 pm
california. >> they are the number one doubles team in the world went to stanford. they are a hit with the crowd. >> reporter: it was ladies day here today and a lot of activities between now and sunday. this has been going on for 125 years. this competition and this is the last year? >> it's the last year, with the last single court in the united states and as great as the hp pavilion is and the tournament is, we can't do it on only one court so we are moving on. saturday night we have stephsty graph, lindsey davenport, andy roddick and steffi graff. and the bryant brothers on sunday. >> if you want to see them, just visit us online at get the whole schedule of events. >> thank you. >> we hope to see you here in san jose. reporting from mobile weather, roberta gonzales for kpix 5. coming up in our next half hour, the manhunt is over.
6:26 pm
now the stories of terror and tears. >> you about i really did not realize the scale of this and how many people are touched by his life. >> the final farewell to a former police officer allegely killed by christopher dorner and a carjacking victim talks about his ordeal. >> plus the first court appearance for the suspect accused of killing a fairfield teenager. tonight, hear from the man who found the girl's body. >> i'm don ford in the san francisco ferry building. the port has installed a new old sign. what's all the racket about? we'll have the story coming up.
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go into that area and try to neutralize and stop the threat. >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald [ gunfire ] >> it's like a war zone and our deputies continued to go into that area and try to neutralize and stop the threat. >> now at 6:30, as the search for an ex-cop turned killer wraps up in the mountains near big bear another recovery mission begins. funeral services were held today for a police officer gunned down by christopher dorner. the fugitive ex-cop is believed
6:30 pm
to be dead and now investigators have begun the painstaking task of making sure. kpix 5 reporter david jackson is live near big bear with the latest. >> reporter: elizabeth, that forensic work is under way around the clock right now in the cabin up there. it is cold and painstaking work and they are working on the charred body of the man that they believe responsible for this attack on southern california law enforcemen. the memorial service and burial went on for hours with hundreds of police officers all from southern california. it was extremely painful for the riverside paramedic who tried to reus is state michael crain at the shoot -- reus is state michael crain at the shooting scene. >> i happened to be one of the crews that was dispatched to the actual incident. >> reporter: the crain shooting? >> yes.
6:31 pm
>> reporter: what did you find when you got there? >> a bullet ridden vehicle with two officers that were shot. >> reporter: there was also an outpouring of grief today from hundreds of southern california residents. did you make up the sign? >> yes. >> reporter: your words? >> yes. >> reporter: what moved you to do this? >> to show him and his family that we still care for him even if he is not here right with us he is still in our hearts. >> we were praying for the family. our thoughts and prayers go out to the family. i have friends in riverside pd so we have just been praying for all of them. >> just a tragedy and just kind of makes you think about the whole gun control issue that's going on around the country. >> reporter: the ontario police department s.w.a.t. team watched the ceremony today on high alert just in case it is not christopher dorner's body in the burned-out big bear cabin. meanwhile up in the mountains near big bear lake others who
6:32 pm
encountered suspect christopher dorner counted their blessings at getting away alive. rick faced him eye to eye. >> he said i don't want to hurt you, just get out and start walking up the road and take your dog. and i said, can i take her leash? he said no, just start walking. so that's what we did and we started walking up the road. within about 10 seconds i heard a big volley of gulf. >> he might come out the back. >> sounded like one shot fired from inside the residence. >> copy, one shot fired from inside the residence. confirming you still want fire to roll in? >> roll in and stay. >> reporter: to the beginning of one of the biggest forensic jobs ever handled in southern california. now, we saw the ontario s.w.a.t. team there on high alert in the event that the charred body inside the cabin is not that of
6:33 pm
christopher dorner. they were there in case he could have or should have shown up at the service and could have opened fire there. they are going to do that again at the next service that takes place for the san bernardino county deputy and will keep everybody busy until they positively identify that charred body inside the cabin. david jackson, kpix 5. liz, back to you. >> thank you. the fairfield man accused of killing 13-year-old genelle conway allen made his first court appearance today. kpix 5 reporter ann notarangelo talked with the man who found the girl's body. >> reporter: 32-year-old anthony lamar jones sat shackled as he was assigned a public defender and his arraignment was continued to next week giving his attorney time to look over the case. the district attorney's office announced it is charging jones with one count of murdering 13- year-old genelle conway allen of suisun and three specks circumstances, that it was during a kidnapping, during a
6:34 pm
rape with a child under 14. that means jones could face the death penalty. it's an emotional time and jones' family wasn't talking. >> flog to say. >> reporter: she was last seen at this intersection a few miles away from where her body was found a day later in a park. a man who found her february 1 came to first and said jones' soft-spoken demeanor surprised you. >> what did you think would you see? >> a mean evil looking person. but he didn't look like that at all. >> reporter: he says he is here because like everyone else, he wants to know why. >> still makes me sick. i mean, i been tormented by that image night and day for the last week and a half. >> reporter: jones is a barber by trade. his estranged wife was grand a restraining order january 28. she said she was afraid of him and when they were in the car he told her, quote, i don't want to scare you, but i have a knife and a gun and i don't
6:35 pm
want to die alone. today the judge issued another protective order telling jones to have no contact with his wife. the d.a.'s office says it hasn't yet decided whether or not it will seek the death penalty. in the meantime the court is following all the procedures as if it is. jones is being held without bail. he will be back in court a week from thursday. in fairfield, ann notarangelo, kpix 5. seems like everything is going high-tech these days. but some things are simply old- fashioned. coming up, how a new bay area sign is like slipping back to the past.
6:36 pm
6:37 pm
today at san francisco's ferry building. kpix 5 reporter, don ford shows us how the retro sign fits right the new old style sign was unveiled today at san francisco's ferry building. kpix 5 reporter don ford shows us how the retro sign fits right in with the historic feel of the waterfront terminal.
6:38 pm
>> reporter: something old is actually something new. it's a clackety thing, too. it's called a slap sign. it may look old school but it's brand-new made in italy and will display at a ferry departure time. >> this is going to be a great tool for people to find their ferry,know when to get on them and enjoy history and enjoy the ferry building. >> reporter: don't be fooled by the historical styling. the data is being fed from the metropolitan transportation commission's website. thousands of people pack into the san francisco ferry building each day racing for their ride. a reporter likes the retro look. >> it's old-fashioned. i'm old-fashioned. a modern application for an old idea. it's fun to look at. >> reporter: regular riders were surprised to see and hear the signs. what does it remind you of? >> it reminds me of europe, of
6:39 pm
trying to run the trains in europe and hearing that clicking noise. >> reporter: mechanical sometimes means mistakes. like this flat board at the frankfurt airport. you don't think i want to go to death row. and some are just huge like this one in singapore. new york's grand central station had an old phrase, meet me at the clock. officials here hope to start the tradition of meet me at the flapper maybe. in san francisco, don ford, kpix 5. >> that would be broadway in the old days. >> you may have seen them around the bay area tacking crowds by surprise. ♪ [ music ]♪ >> ah, meet the man who teaches beginners to dance like the pros. >> good evening, meteorologist paul deanno. once again another dry day. we have had one wet day this entire month. kpix 5 hi-def doppler dry
6:40 pm
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people suddenly break into a synchr well, if you have seen large groups of people suddenly break into synchronized dance on bay area streets, chances are this week's jefferson award winner is at the head of that pack. kpix 5 reporter sharon chin went to the dance studio to meet him. >> reporter: it looks like practice for a music video but the dancers aren't professionals. take david. >> doing it in front of a crowd, i mean, its awesome. >> reporter: with julian reyes their teacher and choreography, students are learning a lady gaga routine. the group is the bay area flash mob. it's dancers dazzling audiences in public plazas and step up
6:44 pm
for nonprofit fundraisers. >> don't have to be a professional or great dancer to do it. you can just try to learn it and join it and see what happens. >> reporter: for julian, the thrill of teaching was a tribute to michael jackson. it was called thrill the world. flash mobs around the globe performed the same routine simultaneously in 2009 to honor the laid king of pop. julian had such a great time dancing he and four other participants co-founded bay area flash mob that same year. >> we wanted to share the love with as many people as we can. >> reporter: every two months he leads a new street performance. they also have fundraisers that benefit charities like bay area children shelters, music programs and the american cancer society. >> the biggest reward is to see people smile during the class
6:45 pm
and the actual flash mob. >> reporter: when julian isn't working full time as a software engineer he is usually leading two-hour flash mob classes for free at a studio in san francisco south of market. >> one, two, three. >> reporter: in videos and in class, he breaks down the routine into manageable steps for some 1500 flash mob members. many of them first time dance students like rena. >> he is amazing. >> reporter: julian says he once had an overly critical teacher who crushed his spirit so he tries to be a compassionate coach. he definitely sets the tempo. >> enthusiasm and the energy just makes everybody, you know, really happy, you know? >> reporter: so for tirelessly sharing his passion for dancing, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to julian raye. sharon chin, kpix 5. >> nominate your local heroes
6:46 pm
for a jefferson award online at click the "connect" button at the top of the page, then jefferson awards to find the email nomination for. >> it's all we can do to keep paul deanno off the flash mob circuit. >> how do i incorporate thriller into the forecast? >> one of these days. >> it's a thrill -- >> very good. >> it's a thrill to be living in northern california because there's still snow back east, they are still cleaning up the tornado damage in the southeast. for us, the question is will we hit 70 or not this weekend? the things we have to go through around here. san francisco currently 50. livermore 57. upper 50s in concord and oakland. santa rosa 52, clear and cool in san jose 55. a lot more 4s on the map than 3s. we are trending upward with overnight temperatures. san jose 42 degrees. concord 41. san francisco dropping down to 46. let's talk about a different
6:47 pm
number 7 as in 70 degrees. i went back and looked at the past five years, averaged things out. and the average first 70-degree day in san jose is actually last week. february 6. we may get there tomorrow or friday. that's how warm we are going to go. radar is clear am we'll stay clear but there are changes coming, as well. two things i want to point out. one, the storm track is still well to our north. there's some moisture up there. seattle getting rain, portland, we are seeing cloud cover crossing the oregon california border. that's about it. the other thing he want to point out is the big dome of high pressure that really hasn't moved much over the past couple of days is on the move a little bit closer to us. as the high gets closer, those clockwise winds around the high giving us a northeast wind. that's the difference between today's low 60s and tomorrow's mid to upper 60s with some of you hitting 70. warmest weather will be happening over the next three days. high pressure moves out. that will usher in a different
6:48 pm
change. we'll cool back down by president's day near 60 because of a stronger onshore flow and behind that another area of low pressure that moves in and that's going to give us our rainfall in a week and a half to get here next tuesday am change is coming but the first change we are going to see is warmer weather with some of you getting 70 degrees over the next few days. cooler next week but not for the next several weeks. oakland 68, san jose 69 close. los gatos 70 tomorrow. los altos close, redwood city 68. near 70 for fairfield. 70 tomorrow and friday for santa rosa. novato 67. alameda 67. oakland tomorrow sunshine and 68 degrees. a degree or two milder on friday. so more widespread with the low 70s. we are die through monday. cooling down though showers back next tuesday and wednesday. sports is coming up next.
6:49 pm
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affecting traffic lights and street lights along the oof breaking news before we get to sports. there is a power outage in san francisco affecting track lights and streetlights on the embarcadero. our roof camera at kpix 5 shows the exterior lights at the
6:52 pm
ferry building. the clock tower obviously not lit up. it's pitch black. we have calls out to pg&e to determine how widespread this is. and we are checking the impact on the evening commute. the international olympic committee's decision to drop wrestling has drawn heavy criticism from around the globe. and it should. wrestling has been part of the olympics since the invention of the wheel. league championships are tonight. >> we are the oldest sport. they were lessling in greece way back in bc and stuff and -- and, you know, some of the newer sports they are bringing on and taking wrestling off, you know, i love the game of golf, but it's -- it's not -- i don't think the competition is the same. you know? i don't think -- i don't think that sport belongs there. i play golf all the time but weather you think of olympics,
6:53 pm
wrestling is right up there amongst them all. >> the diablo valley athletic league championships are under way now this is exclusive. lee took third place in last year. he is trying to roll over lee of northgate. that's two points on a takedown. and brockovich is 140 pounds. he had 6-3 record for the broncos this year. this is his first championship in league. his favorite subject is sociology. his business move is the high speed takedown. -- his best move is the high speed takedown. right now it's 2-0. we joined this match in progress. alex lindsey from clayton valley a sophomore took third place in last year's championship when he weighed 120 pounds. he likes to push himself beyond
6:54 pm
the limit. he says in wrestling, it's all on you. and this why i hate the olympic committee's decision. this is a mano-a'-mano sport. there's another 2 points for lindsey. the clayton valley man is leading 4-0. we'll get back to this match. let me tell you about baseball right now. the giants pitchers and catchers took the field this morning in scottsdale with a workout. one of the young arms in camp is brent bochy the son of manager bruce bochy. >> i just said you're not going to make the club today. [ laughter ] >> tim lincecum sporting his new short haircut took the mound for his first bullpen. he threw to buster posey as they try to establish better rapport. the position players will met the field saturday. one of the big topics again this year, pablo's weight. although winning the world series mvp -- >> we talk about it a lot, but it wasn't that long ago.
6:55 pm
i mean, players use spring training as the time to get in shape. some of them had to get jobs or, you know, they didn't do a lot and they came in spring training what, six, seven weeks, and pablo is one of our exceptions. we'll use that to get him in shape. >> okay. again, you are looking live at brockovich from northgate -- look at that! oh, he lost another two points right there. you guys, that's the risk of that move. if you try to roll them over like that, you guess behind you, that's two points. apparently that ends the first round right there and it looks like the clayton valley wrestler has things well in hand. this is the dval league championships taking place right now in clayton valley. it's a good crowd. it's a shame that like i say it's not happening olympics- wise but the clayton valley is going to win this match unless brockovich makes a dramatic
6:56 pm
comeback. >> is there no chance, no appeal process? >> there will be an appeal. but once you get out, it's difficult to get back in. >> we'll have the results of that match point. >> good night. captions by: caption colorado is s] yes, i'm that flo. aren't you sweet! licensed phone-ups available 24/7. call 1-800-progressive.
6:57 pm
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announcer: this is joey fatone. it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: how y'all doing? thank you very much. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man, steve harvey. you know what? like always, we got another good one for you today. this family returns for the fourth day. from seattle, washington it's the williams family. [cheers and applause]
6:59 pm
and from loganville, georgia it's the lewis family. [cheers and applause] come on, man, let's go. give me jim. give me andrea. let's go. hey, guys, top 7 answers on the board. here we go. name a green vegetable that the jolly green giant's wife might compare his manhood to. jim? >> cucumber. steve: cucumber. wow. you went right there. big trainer. andrea? >> green beans? steve: [chuckles] green beans. green beans. >> oh! steve: all right, pass or play? >> what are we doing? steve: they're going to play. >> we're going to play. steve: all right. clarence, how you doing today, man? >> pretty good. steve: you ready, clarence? >> yes, sir. steve: name a green vegetable the jolly green giant's wife might compare his manhood to.

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